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Deteksi Basketball League Riau 2009 Begins

Do you still remember about Honda Deteksi Basketball League that held in 2008? If you watched it, you must be remembering it. That event was held for the first time in Riau province and you could TASTE it, could not you? Noisy, Crowd are everywhere in a hall sport center Rumbai, Pekanbaru. There were dozens of students queue for tickets.

Today, Friday 27 February 2009 at 2.00 P.M you will meet again. Honda Deteksi Basketball League (DBL) Riau Pos 2009 will be held, the biggest event in Riau that is held for students, teenagers and younger. But, if you are a teacher, citizen or whoever you are, you can still watch that basketball match. It is held everyday at noon until March 7.

Last year, senior high school of Santa Maria won the league for the boy and SMAN 11 for the girl. It was awesome that were thousands watchers came to hall sport center Rumbai watching final between Santa Maria versus MAN 2 Model, It was big event. For you who loves basketball and lives in Pekanbaru city area, you can watch matches only for $0.3 or Rp 4000,-/tickets (prediction).


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